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CatBot was created to replace an old bot that had been built on NodeJS but never updated to meet the needs of a specific guild. The very foundation of CatBot was built on top of DotNet Core and Discord.Net, starting with a framework based on SoraBot v2. CatBot has since been mostly rewritten, so it shares only a minimal amount of similarities to it's parent.

This bot can be used on any Discord guild, with each guild having it’s own separate configuration that does not interact with each other. During development of this bot, the goal is to keep this mindset in place. Extensibility and Reliability are the most important aspects of this bot. The bot will respond to various commands based on what users of the server type. For example, if a user types !help, they will see the list of commands available to them. The ! prefix can be changed using the prefix command. By default, the prefix is set to ! when joining new guilds.